Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Deck: Gangrel Anarch Barons

Gangrel Anarch barons deck that focuses on PRE and PRO. Undue Influence helps bring out the crypt, while CrimethInc. combos with Gear Up and Anarch Manifesto for increased stealth for multi-acting.

Still pretty inexperienced at building Anarch decks; suggestions welcome. Also, Revolutionary Council requires baron, does that trigger CrimethInc? Are actions that require baron implicitly require anarch? In the same vein, it's funny that Anarch Manifesto does not need anarch to be equipped.

Crypt: (12)
3x Anarch Convert
2x Antonino 6 FOR ani pre pro Gangrel:3
1x Bernard, the Scourge 5 ani for pre pro Gangrel:4
1x Boss Callihan 5 PRE dom for pro Ventrue:3
1x Alessandro Garcia   4 pot pre pro Brujah:4
1x Calvin Cleaver 3 for pro Gangrel:4
1x Lula Burch 3 for pro !Gangrel:4
1x Leo Washington 2 cel pro !Gangrel:4
1x Robert Price 2 pro Gangrel:4

Library: (90)
Master: (14)
4x Protean 
2x Perfectionist 
2x Twilight Camp 
2x Vessel 
1x Anarch Railroad 
1x Backways 
1x Seattle Committee 
1x The Anarch Free Press 

Action: (15)
6x Undue Influence 
3x Gear Up 
1x Fee Stake: Boston 
1x Fee Stake: Corte 
1x Fee Stake: Los Angeles 
1x Fee Stake: New York 
1x Fee Stake: Perth 
1x Fee Stake: Seattle 

Action Modifier: (29)
14x CrimethInc. 
5x Earth Control 
4x Freak Drive 
4x Bewitching Oration
2x Monkey Wrench 

Combat: (8)
5x Earth Meld 
3x Form of Mist 

Equipment: (2)
2x An Anarch Manifesto 

Political Action: (21)
6x Anarch Salon 
5x Kine Resources Contested 
4x Exclusion Principle 
4x Firebrand 
2x Revolutionary Council 

Retainer: (1)
1x Crypt's Sons 


  1. Anything that requires a baron, requires an Anarch. So, yes, Revolutionary Council will allow you to play CrimethInc.

  2. I would drop exclusion principle, lower the amount of Anarch Salon and Firebrand to 2 each, and throw in a couple damaging votes like neonate breach or Conservative Agitation. Vote push could include Bribes for a little extra pool. I'm not sure you will get that much from Gear Up at pre, maybe better to just have stealth. To get much reliable use out of Undue Influence, go up to about 10 at the cost of some Crimethinc. Also, consider some kind of Heidelberg Castle + Lilith's Blessing and equipment combo to distribute those skill cards. Try it like that and see how it goes.